Sunday, 29 January 2012

Waiting for Spring

Winter has finally decided to put in an appearance. The last few weeks have brought us freezing rain, snow squalls, rain, and wet snow....gracefully bent branches, icicles, and trees crashing in the woods. Still not much of an accumulation, we're not building snowmen yet... but I do believe I could strap on my skates and do figure 8's in the back yard.

I am happy that we are finally on the receiving end of all sorts of precipitation, but with that comes  grey, dreary days and wistful longings for spring. Patience is a virtue but I am  not feeling so virtuous this time of year, as my husband would most certainly attest to. To pass the time in a constructive manner I am dreaming of fragrance and foliage and planning the extensive changes I will be making to the gardens this year. 

Last summer came and went so quickly that I simply ran out of time to add summer flowering bulbs to the garden. Planted in spring, countless varieties are waiting to offer a unique and beautiful display to the summer garden. Many are hardy enough to leave alone once planted, a few will have to be lifted and stored for the following season.

I have been preparing my list of summer bulbs I would like to try this year. My first stop has been at online at Online shopping can offer interesting choices and varieties that are not readily available in the traditional garden center.

For the white garden, here are the lovely ladies who have made the list so far:

Anne Marie's Dream Double Asiatic Lily:

Polar Star Oriental Lily:
Love the touch of green

Acidanthera bicolor murielae:
To be planted with dwarf miscanthus...a nice bit of movement, will lift in the fall

Ismene 'Advance' {spider lily}
Isn't she fun!

Greenleaf Canna ' Tropical white'
It took me a while to appreciate the tropical beauty of cannas - I love the delicate touch of lime in this one and she is shorter than most coming in at 30"

And now for a sweet touch of blue...

Agapanthus 'Blue Triumphator' (Lily of the Nile)
The epitome of grace

Anemone De Caen 'Blue Poppy'
These delightful blue blooms can often be found grown out in containers come early spring...
hardy to zone 8, they need to be lifted in fall. 

Bearded Iris 'Blue Suede Shoes'
Gorgeous, rich jewel tone!

It may seem strange to some of you to think about ordering plants now. It has been my (frustrating) experience that the more unusual varieties can be sold out very quickly. Online garden suppliers will indicate ordering & shipping times in your area, so I encourage you to start compiling a list of your favourites now and plan accordingly.  Some bulbs and seeds especially, can be started indoors 4-8 weeks before official gardening starts...another little something to keep us happy until spring gets here.

Thank you for reading - love to hear your feedback!


  1. Hi Brenda!

    Oh, what beautiful flowers! I don't have much of a green thumb with flowers, but I do love them. I do LOVE pine trees, especially blue spruce. I do love corn flowers, russian sage, LAVENDER, crepe murtle (sp?) trees, and would love to have a huge vine of Wisteria!! LOVE Wisteria. Not sure if any of this grows in the Midwest of Missouri.

    Your photos are beautiful and I am so happy to hear about all of your adventures. Thank you so much for visiting me - I loved hopping over here to see what you are up to. Please stay in touch, it was nice hearing from you.

    Big hug
    Elizabeth :-)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by, you made my day : ) With the exception of the crape myrtle, you should be able to grow all those things in Missouri, you just need to double your zone hardiness for your area! Sounds like you may be on your way to a beautiful Mediterranean inspired garden one day (which would blend in beautifully with your interiors...lots of soft greys, silver and lavender).

    have a beautiful day!


  3. Sikke mange skønne vækster. Nej, det er næsten ikke til at holde ventetiden ud mere