Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blue Wonder

It is yet another blustery snowy day here and the only signs of spring are blooming sweetly on the dining roomy table. But I do know spring must be coming because my favourite little campanula has arrived in the grocery store again. 

Campanula Haylodgensis 'Blue Wonder'
'Blue Wonder' is smothered in dainty double blooms that I find irresistibly romantic. Though she is hardy to zone 3, I will have to admit defeat when I have transplanted this pretty girl outside to the garden in past years, perhaps I was a little too hasty in the acclimatization process. I am quite content to enjoy her presence indoors for the moment.

Sitting pretty in a pot purchased at Neil's Flowers.
These french inspired containers are waterproof
so I can use them for cut flowers as well.

And what would spring be without the heavy perfume of hyacinth. She looked lovely by the kitchen sink but the scent was overpowering and so she had to go - finally landing in the faraway corner of the dining room.

The garden is sleeping outside, ready to awake in all her spring glory.  Blue is such a relaxing and peaceful colour to include in the perennial garden, and I love the soothing contrast of blue and whites offset with the freshness of chartreuse and apple greens. Soon will be the tulips, muscari and iris leading up to the sky blues of phlox, centaurea, and baptisia. Just to be patient a little while longer.

Love your thoughts and feedback.

Have a lovely day!


  1. What is it about blue that brings comfort and excitement at the same time? Sigh...


    1. what a nice way to describe blue - beautiful!

  2. Those soft blue flowers are irrestiably romantic, I agree. So lovely.

    1. Thank you sweet bay - I love the soft touches, they make me smile

  3. The blue wonder is beautiful - simple and gorgeous color!!