Friday, 10 February 2012

A touch of light

I've found some lovely ideas to bring a little lightness and a touch of sparkle into our lives. Our gardens deserve just a little bit more than those perfect plantings and rhythmic walkways...we need more layers. Adding lighting is one of those layers than can turn a beautiful space into a unique and stunning space.  Extravagant, modern, simple, choose the style that makes you feel like a diva, a romeo, or a child at heart with attention captured by the dreamy glow of candlelight and memories of fireflies, bon fires, and the man in the moon.

What could be more glamourous than hanging a chandelier from the rough and twisted limbs of a grand old tree.  The photos below really speak to my inner princess, this contrast of old and new is divine.

We deserve a little decadence
bring a touch of the indoors outside to create
this perfectly inspiring space
A rustic candelabra & fairy lights dancing in the trees
create a magical effect. I love the log stools but I do believe
I would leave those for the kids.

An overhead chandelier sparkles over this perfectly laid table.
I can't think of a nicer way to spend a summer afternoon. 

How fun is this!

Now for a little DIY. With a very small investment and some time devoted to creative play you can construct your own wonderful lighting fixtures. Here are some suitably charming ideas below, a few with links that will lead you to the diy instructions. Have fun coming up with your own project , then let us know how they turned out!

recycled light bulbs make charming hanging vases
instructions here

chicken wire and crystals -
how pretty would several of these be hanging
from the trees or the overhead beams of a pergola

pulleys & mason jars - charmingly industrial
instructions here @

a simple wire basket (a clam basket in this case)
serves as a very simple candle holder

and here's another cute little wire basket
with jam jars and crystals


  1. I love the clam basket with the moss and candles. All so pretty!

  2. She did such a lovely job styling that - so simple, but so beautiful...I am really missing warm summer nights!

  3. FYI- I posted a couple of links for you at WMG:

    Been enjoying your blog and your pinterest too! (I just joined :))

  4. Julie thank you so much - I am honoured :) Look forward to sharing pins with you!

  5. I love the enchantment created by these ideas Brenda. Lovely and inspiring. Just found your lovely blog over at Sweetbays. Carol

  6. Hi Carol - thank you so much for the lovely thoughts, you have truly made my morning : ) Now I must go spend some time browsing through your beautiful photos - the butterflies took my breath away!


  7. Those lighting ideas are quite lovely! All of these would surely add beauty and allure to every exterior space. These lighting concepts range from simple DIY lights to pretty complex fixtures. But each and every idea will definitely bring some much needed light to your place.